If you’re willing to work hard … this is solid!

Aaron Burcham


Hello Christian, this is Aaron Bertram. I’m making the show a short video for the, uh, upgrade for the digital nomads, uh, um, training programs for the, uh, white labels, uh, secrets and emails, scripts. You had seven questions. You want to see how my progress is going and I’ll get to this really fast cause I know you want the video short. My last one, I was to wait too long. So, uh, first one is before working with the Christian to be up, uh, a, I was, well, I’ve been a a like few to tech. I have about 35 years, been kind of a guru up to this point. Uh, last three years, uh, I’ve been focusing on marketing. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do on the internet and I gravitated to Christians, a WFA program. Uh, and uh, he seemed to resonate with, uh, where I’m at in life and uh, um, I decided to go with him anyway.

The main reason, uh, I was hesitant to sign up. Uh, no one really has stationed. Uh, I did the, uh, credit option and uh, it worked out well. And, uh, away I went, um, after I signed up, I realize, yeah, it’s a long course. It’s 180 videos plus, and it’s got spreadsheets and uh, documents and tons of stuff. I was tons of stuff, uh, scripts, lots of scripts. So, uh, but anyway, I, yeah, it’s a tour. Of course it needs a lot of steadying, but, uh, anyway, uh, the kind of results I’m getting, um, uh, I’ve been doing this part time, haven’t, uh, really I’m about, uh, maybe two to three weeks away from, uh, getting paying clients, uh, gonna have these testimonials. Hearing it’s a confidence with people. Take a board. It was me and it shouldn’t be no problem. Like say I’ve got a 35 years plus, so selling experience and everything else, uh, this, this, I, I finally after three years, gravitated to local business parking cause it made the most sense.

Provide businesses with value and uh, you know, how can they turn that down and provide them with more customers? Uh, you’re providing them but their income. So, uh, you know, just, it’s, it shouldn’t be a, it should be a no brainer as far as a women’s situation for businesses. Anyway. Uh, the next one is a, the way which I felt most about my business, uh, or alive now relative to, uh, before is well, um, before I spent a little tight financially and, uh, now and I can see financial freedom is coming, it’s cause, uh, take a, you know, a little bit more time, but a time, money and location freedom is a where I’m at. And, uh, like I said, I resonate very well with the, uh, with Christian and his, uh, uh, with his manifesto, with, uh, uh, I don’t allow the status quo to dictate the rules my life.

Uh, I create my own future anyway. Uh, I love that, uh, document. Uh, that’s great. But even you move back along. I’m excited about my future cause I’m getting an income and a lifestyle upgrade. So, uh, that kinda sums up that point. And the last one is if you’re on the fence, uh, on the fence about working, uh, I’m with Christian. Uh, WFA, will I say, uh, it’s not for everybody, but, uh, you know, this is probably the most solid, I’ve been just going to be around for a while. Businesses, uh, people that go into business, they need help. Uh, they, they, they’re good at what they do, but they’re not necessarily good at marketing. We try the same old stuff, newspaper, radio ads and television and print ads and flyers and everything else. But, uh, nothing beats Facebook marketing. So that’s, that’s the King, a marketing deal for any business.

So, uh, uh, say, uh, if you’re on the fence, uh, you gotta have the money. You have to have some skin in the game, like a Christian says, uh, if you could do that, then, uh, uh, just jump in and you know, this, this kind of, uh, if you’re willing to work hard and you know, I mean, you got drop shipping out there, you’ve got affiliate marketing, eBay, uh, Amazon, you got, uh, a print on demand. You’ve got lots of different things out there that you can make money on the internet, but, uh, uh, this is solid. I mean, you know, you had a few clients in their opinion, a thousand to 2000 a month, uh, and if you service them, uh, regularly and keep them happy, or you’ll have a great income. So, uh, with that, uh, I’m going to be signing off again. This is Aaron version. Uh, we should be a Viking. I think you saw much Christian for the awesome program that you created. And until next time, take care.