I’m very happy with the results that I’ve gotten


Hi, I’m Aisha Moore and I wanted to record this testimonial regarding their work from anywhere accelerated program. Um, so before working with the work for air anywhere accelerator program, I actually had worked on, um, like some small Facebook stuff, but nothing as to the level that is taught in the work from anywhere. Like I had never worked with custom audiences. Um, I was familiar with the pixel and I’ve done like some SEL and website building. Um, but it definitely gave me more confidence and, and you know, I appreciated the importable templates that you can just import. So for like building websites you can import into your account and same with importable email sequences and, and ad copy. So it makes it super easy just to run your business and focus on getting clients and not be overwhelmed with the tech stuff. Um, I guess you could say the main reason I was hesitant is, you know, I’ve, I’ve bought another courses before, not really on like Facebook marketing or, or work from anywhere and I just didn’t wanna spend a whole bunch of money and not get results.

But I’ll say I’m very happy with the results that I’ve gotten. Um, I have a, a property that I did a renovation on and I was able to build a website for the property, well I guess build a landing page for the property and then run Facebook ads instead of my custom audiences and kind of filter and just do some real advanced things that I wouldn’t have been able to do before. Um, and I wanna say I know more than 200 people have went to the landing page from the Facebook ads that I was running. And I want to say my cost per click was around 9% and I got a few opt-ins and a bunch of calls as well. Um, so it has been a great learning experience and I’ve been able to apply the information that, um, that I learned in the course. Um, so after I signed up, I realize, you know, is WFA teaches you how to be strategic in running your business from little things like serving your customers throughout the process and how to integrate that, which is very important to kind of use that feedback. And, um, so just basically taught me how to be more strategic in how to maximize my ad dollars and how to approach, um, potential customers for deals.

I guess I’d say the way I feel most different about business in life. I just more confident and just basically running Facebook ads and knowing that I can produce results. Um, I had already knew how to run a landing page but, but like I like the advanced features of, of being able to kind of fully automate your systems and minimize the human interaction without kind of going into too much of the class. But, um, Christian teaches you some, some simple automations as well as some more complex automations and I, I really appreciated that, you know, even from things like scheduling, you know, automating your landing page with your calendar, which is, which is more complex, but it, it saves you time and energy and staff and, and getting bookings. Um, I’m just excited about continuing to learn and, and, um, use Facebook ads and landing pages and, um, get customers. If I decided to go that route.

I’d say if you’re on the fence about the work from anywhere accelerator program, I highly recommend the program. It’s, I considered a few other programs. But what I really liked about this one, um, I was instantly hooked from the first moment I saw Christian’s ad think the ad was how did this one social media post make me $9,000 a month in income? And I chose his program over another because of the doing the work once and being able to duplicate the effort. Um, I liked the idea of, of, of choosing an industry or a few industries like two or three, and then basically being able to use the same ad sets and same landing pages across it. So again, more of the, the strategy, you know, the program teaches you not only to make money, but to easily be able to scale your income without being overwhelmed with additional work.

Thank you.