It’s only been 3 months … I’ve already secured two clients

Alexus Jegede


Hi guys, this is Alexis. I just wanted to quickly share my experience working with Christian. I’m in the WFA program. Um, it’s been three months now since I’ve been putting on the program, his steps to action and it’s been an amazing experience thus far. Um, I work in marketing, um, in a corporate setting and I’ve always wanted to be able to kind of do consulting and work for myself and this program has given me the steps and the guidelines to be able to do that in successfully. Um, it’s only been three months since I’ve been putting the program into action and I’ve already secured two clients, um, with the revenue coming in at a 1000 per month for this client. So it’s definitely worth the investment. Um, it’s life changing. Uh, initially I had some reservations thinking this is a huge investment, is a benefit going out way that investment. Um, and just after doing some research and seeing other testimonies as I was confident in making that investment and I’m glad that I took that risk, um, because of benefit, um, has certainly outweighed the investment. So I would definitely recommend participating in this program. It’s like changing. It’s empowering.