I can see how I could scale this


Before joining work from anywhere, I was, um, uh, taking time off from work. I had gotten a payout from a job and I was really excited about having, um, flexibility of my time and not having to report to an office. And so I was looking for a way to continue the lifestyle that I had, um, gotten used to. So I was looking for a program where I could work from home, um, that I would have control over my schedule during the day. And when I saw this program, I was excited to give it a shot. And the main reason why I was hesitant to sign up was because I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to, uh, get clients. Um, after I signed up, I realized that was actually a problem. I had one, um, trial client that I just could not get good results for.

And so I’ve since moved to a different niche, um, and am working on doing cold outreach, um, for them. Uh, the way I feel differently about business now is that I can see how I could scale this, um, to have other people working for me so that I don’t have to do, um, a lot of the technical, um, running the ads. If I can find quality people to outsource, then I can focus more on running the business side of it rather than working actually doing the work. And so that’s what I’m excited for in the future. Um, I am a very big picture person, so, um, being able to manage people and, um, do some of the account management with clients rather than, um, actually running the ads really appeals to me.