That’s what I’m excited for now is the unknown. That’s the most exciting.


Right here from Atlanta, Georgia and I’m making this video testimonial to share my experience with Christian and [inaudible] program. Uh, before working with Christian, I was facing difficulty of finding a way or a business venture that would help me to achieve a certain amount of financial freedom and flexibility to be able and um, how and when I worked and also to be able to travel and experience the world. Um, the main reason I was hesitant to sign up in the beginning is because I’ve experienced different programs from different people in different industries such as the stock market and real estate. And I thought that, you know, maybe this would be another program that’s kinda the same as those where they kind of promising you you can achieve this, you can achieve that, but ultimately you’re just one out of a big pool of people are competing for the same slice of the pie.

And I, after I signed Eliza that that wasn’t the case with this program. I feel like the difference between this program and other programs in different industries is that this industry is not based on competing with other people. It’s based on helping the clients that you’re working with. And I thought that’s what separated this from other programs is that in the marketing business, it’s based on you approaching people to help them and not just to get money from them. Uh, the kind of results that I’ve been getting from this program, I would say the most important thing is a change in belief. Uh, before this program, I wasn’t sure if it was absolutely possible for me to achieve of financial freedom. Not in a sense of having $1 million that will be nice. But financial freedom doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a millionaire.

It could just be a, you have enough money to do what you want to do when you wanna do it. And the fact that you’re able to have your income be a recurring income that you’re bringing in monthly, you’re also able to make that money online, which is what frees you up from being bound to one particular location. And that’s the main thing that I’ve benefited from, from, uh, going into this program as a change in my belief. Um, the way in which I feel the most different about my business in life now relative to before. Like I just said, it’s just a change in perspective. I feel like that’s the most important thing. So your mind comes first and then your reality follows. What I’m excited for in the future is the ability to experience things that I never thought possible that I couldn’t even fathom before because I was locked into one spot and I couldn’t just get up and travel to a different country at the drop of a dime just because I wanted to. And that’s what I’m excited for now is the unknown. That’s the most exciting. That’s the most thing I’m excited about. Now is the unknown.

If you’re on the fence about working with Christian in the work from anywhere program, I would say just do it. He offers a money back guarantee, so there’s really nothing you can do. I would say dive right in and give it a shot. And if you bet on yourself, I’m sure you’re going to come out the winner.