One that I can think of paid me about 10 grand for a project


Hey, how’s it going, everybody? Bryce here and I wanted to shoot a quick testimonial video, a number two update from my buddy Christian. So, um, obviously, you know, before anytime you join a program like this, you always have to be really curious about, you know, how it’s going to go, what’s inside the program, if this person actually is going to deliver on the results that they promised. Um, and for me, I joined Christian’s program about a year ago and I can say that I’ve definitely, uh, at least 10 X my investment into the program. Before we went to the program, I had been doing digital marketing, I had some experience in this. Um, but when I signed up with Christian, I was looking forward to learning about his sales tactics, how to acquire clients and these sorts of things. Um, and he definitely has shown me ways to acquire new clients, particularly one that I can think of paid me about 10 grand for a project.

Uh, we worked on over the course of a couple months. So absolutely pay for the price of the program. And then some, um, some of my favorite things about working with Christian since then has been that he obviously cares a lot about his students. Um, I still talk to him to stay. I shoot him emails, ask him questions, he’s there to help me out. Um, he’s very active in the group. He’s constantly updating things, putting out new material to help people out. So if you are looking to get into this line of business, if you want to be able to, uh, work from anywhere or be a consultant, help people with their digital marketing, it’s absolutely a need that a lot of companies have. And Christian’s program is a fantastic place to get you started. So if you’re on the fence, you’re thinking about working with Christian and you’re not sure, I would just say that you know what you hear about Christian and what’s inside the program is there. He actually delivers. He actually gives a shit about getting you results. Um, and uh, there’s some great stuff in there. So I hope that helps. Christian, have a good one and hope to see you on the inside soon.