We started from 0 and we got 60 last month, just in literally less than a month


Hey guys, my name is Carolyn. Um, I just want to hop on here and tell you guys how successful we’ve been since we have signed up for Christians program. Um, and the very beginning we were really hesitant to sign up because we were like, Oh, there’s so many different programs out there and how do we know this is going to work? We have no idea. But we took the jump and we signed up and I cannot explain to you how great that this program has been for our company. Um, we started from the bottom with like zero form fills, getting zero leads ever for companies cause we have like service-based companies like electrical and HVC and plumbing and he came out with a funnel for them and this funnel has gave us so many leads for our, for our clients. We started from zero and we get 60 last month, Justin, um, literally like less than a month. And it, it was honestly just like the best feeling ever that we have been able to make our clients successful, um, just in the last month. So I can’t wait to see what is going to happen within the following months. And you know how it’s going to grow and we’re just so thankful for him. So, or for the program. So thanks again.