Christian doesn’t leave any kind of detail out


So before working with Christian and the work from anywhere program, I was stuck in this sort of hopeless loop, uh, working a job. I didn’t really like struggling in my business, not really having a whole lot of direction and not really seeing the profit that I, um, was looking for. Um, so I was looking for something else, you know, I have marketing skills and I was just looking for a better way to apply what I knew to um, you know, something that was location independent and, and setting something up for myself that could, you know, potentially allow me to leave my full time employment and work for myself forever. Um, uh, the main reason that I was hesitant to sign up, um, I mean, I’ll be honest, was the price. Um, you know, working a job that doesn’t quite pay what I would like, you know, the money was a real concern.

But it occurred to me that if I never invested in myself, um, you know, how could I ask anyone else to invest in me? So, you know, and I, but I was really excited about the program, reading everything, watching all the videos, you know, before I signed up I was like, wow, I feel like I could do this. Um, it’s really smart. Um, and he makes it sound like anybody can do this. And after I signed up, I realized that, uh, man, these materials are super thorough. Uh, he goes, he Christian doesn’t leave any kind of detail out. Um, and there’s a lot of stuff in the beginning that like in other courses maybe you think you should skip. Um, but he’s very deliberate with the presentation of the materials and the order in which you do things. So, um, doing those things in the order that he put it together for you is really super important.

Um, I’m still in the early stages of the program, but you know, so I don’t have any clients yet, but I have to say like, I’ve already experienced so much change in myself, uh, with my belief system has completely changed. You know, I thought this, I felt this constant sense of defeat or hopelessness, but now that I’m doing this program, I am filled with so much hope because the way it’s broken down, you know, every day you make some progress, you know, and getting clear on who it is you want to speak to is life changing. You know, when I was floating kind of without like a boat, without a rudder, before, you know, now I have an understanding of what I’m going for and goals and, and, and I feel like I can do anything and that’s a huge change. Um, and I’m still super early in the process and I’m so excited about that.

Um, and that, that is probably the biggest, um, change in feeling, you know, before starting this program, I was so low and now I’m like, Oh man, bring it on. You know, like you’re, that you, you’re that runner that sees a Hill and runs up it instead of being like, Oh no. So that’s, that’s a huge change from, um, my own personality past, uh, my own personality trends in the past. Um, I’m excited for moving forward in the program and getting those clients and nurturing them and growing like crazy because I feel like that’s so possible in this program. Um, and I have to say that if you’re on the fence about working with Christian or the work from anywhere program, get off the fence, jump in, do this for yourself. If you felt like me, if you felt stuck, get on stuck, jump in. You could do this. Uh, and the support system is incredible. The tools are amazing and, uh, just jump in both feet. Go for it.