It’s been a great investment for me and it’s really been a good thing


Hi, can I first start about WFA? I was retired and I really thought I’d never go back to work. And I read about the ad, I read some, previewed some videos and really thought about it very deeply and decided it really looked like it fit me very well. So I joined WFA Christian and um, started the training. Um, I found the training was very interesting because not only was it geared toward, it was geared to both ways. It was geared for people who had never been in digital marketing as well as people who had worked in digital marketing. So it could, um, you know, you can pace yourself. Um, and I w I found that was very much to my liking. Um, so together we probably, uh, pace through individuals the things, um, I found it to be a very positive learning environment. There’s weekly Chu a sessions and then those QA sessions, um, you have an opportunity really to hear other people and, and the questions they have, the issues they run across most, um, technology wise and, um, with clients and questions they have about clients, situations you’ve never encountered before.

Um, can as well as questions that I have and I can get answered. And during the week we have, um, with our Facebook group and so on, um, kind of a family team approach. Um, we can lay our questions out there and another member of our group will oftentimes reach out to us and give us an answer or help us consider something we might never before. So this has been a really good thing. It’s, it’s drawing me out of retirement, um, which I was in, which I really wasn’t sure I ever wanted to go that route yet anyway. Um, and it’s also been a great investment for me and it’s really been a good thing. Thank you.