First up, I want to say thank you…


Hey guys. Okay, so it’s Lisa Weber from Arizona. I’m working from outside because I’m hoping the sunshine is the natural light source. I know there’s some reflection in the backyard. That’s not a problem. Um, I tried this once before and it was [inaudible] trying to upload, upload, upload. I don’t know what happened. It keeps saying almost done. Almost done. But to make things really clear, I mean, Christian, that’s a bottle I want to tell you. Thank you. Because my background, I am a registered nurse and I’ve been a registered nurse for 30 years this time to get out of the health care field. Frankly, it’s been wonderful to me. We care about people, we help people. But you know, I’ve done that for a long time and it’s time to move on. And there’s no reason why I can’t do this. When I first saw your video, I purchased it immediately.

I didn’t even talk to my spouse. Um, so with that said, my first client, I actually initially had three, but my first client will be, um, the Weber law firm and the web address if you want to check it out, is Weber law a And yes, this gentleman is my husband, but when I purchased this for $1,500, his comment was, why don’t we just pay someone to do this? And I immediately said, well, why would you not pay me to do this? So anyway, we’ve resolved that. And um, so my niche niche is, um, you know, legal services, lawyers, law firms, those kinds of things because that’s the circle of influence we’re in. I know I can get more business secondary niche niche, we’ll be, um, real estate agents. We’re in that same circle of influence. And so, um, I have watched the entire program and have just kind of jumped in getting it done.

So the bottom line is this first client, yes, it’s my husband. However, he left a major law firm the first of the year. So we’ve had big changes, um, and now his solo. So I’m promoting his business. He has agreed to pay me $1,500 a month for this. Um, and once I get really my whole, I’m not techie, but I can figure this out. So, uh, my goal is to replace okay with the legal niche and perhaps the, uh, real estate niche, um, a $20,000 a month income. And there’s no reason I can’t do this. Uh, and so the other thing I will tell you is that I appreciate very much about your program, that the focus is on helping other people. Yes, the goal is to make a lot of money, right? But if, if you’re not truly in this to help people, I really believe this.

If you’re not truly in this to help people, they’re going to hear it in your voice if you’re only after the money. But if you’re truly trying to solve their problems, what do you need? They’re going to hear it. So I appreciate that very much about your program. Um, the most frustrating thing, I get my, get a low power mode here. The, the most frustrating thing for me has been, you know, initially dumb, but I am not really very techie. So I really thought a funnel was a, like a true funnel, like a program. I mean, seriously. So at any rate, um, I appreciate the eyes and I am not going to stop with or without the upgrade. So you guys have a wonderful day. I’m going to try and upload this again and see what happens. Thank you.