Highly recommended


Hi, my name is Paul and I wanted to give a little shout out to Christian’s program here for a, uh, such a great program. The, you know, before it was working with Christian, I was actually just looking around to see what options were out there for online training. I’ve been in the, uh, online marketing business for a little while and so I wasn’t new to it, so I had an idea of what I was looking for. Um, but I was really looking for a good program and a good price. I’d have a lot of solid information on it. And, uh, you know, I looked at Christian’s program quite a few times before I chose it and I was happy that I did. Um, I was a little hesitant at first to sign up, obviously, because again, when you look around, there’s just a lot of competition out there, but, but again, when you, when you really look at it and you will get what you’re getting for the money, uh, Christian’s program was hands down a really good option for me to go.

Once I realized, once I signed up, I realized that, uh, there really was more to this program than, than what Christian was actually selling, even though it does a great job of selling, but it’s got a great community and, uh, he does a lot of, uh, you know, add on trainings and help for everybody. Um, as far as results go, I’ve done pretty good so far. I haven’t really started up as a traditional agency. I’ve actually got two manufacturing companies in one coaching program that I’m working with and I’m working more on a commission basis with them versus a monthly fee. Uh, they just felt they were open to it. And so I felt that if everything went well, I’d actually probably have an opportunity to make some more money, uh, other than it is a $500, $1,000 a month, uh, standard fee. Um, you know, I guess now as compared to before, it feel like my business is actually really going to take off again.

I’m doing this for, you know, kind of a side hustle for awhile. Um, and then after that, hopefully change it up. But right now, from a side health standpoint, it’s working out really well and better than I ever expected. So I’m really excited for the future and are excited to get the three companies that have off going and getting things tweaked and getting good solid funnels going. And, uh, so I’m really looking forward to that. I’d say if you’re on the fence about working with Christian and looking at his program, um, you know, really taking in consideration the fact that there is a lot there and there’s way more behind the scenes then what you realize once you are, when you’re, you know, before you sign up. So it’s a great program. Highly recommended.