I didn’t even hesitate


Hey, my name is Nicole, and I started working with work from anywhere with Christian. Um, when I was interested in starting my own business, I had explored all sorts of different options and I jumped on the webinar with Christian and it just seemed right. I didn’t even hesitate. And so I signed up and now I started that in the spring and it’s the end of the summer now. And one of the best things is that I can take my time through it. And that’s really what I’ve needed. So right now where I’m at, I just finished working with my first paying client and I’m ready to take on more. And it’s just been really great being part of the work from anywhere. Facebook group has, um, allowed me to make new friends who are supportive and they help give advice where I need it. And that’s just been wonderful. And so in the, for looking forward in the future, I’m really excited to continue building my company and um, supporting entrepreneurs like myself who need help with marketing and I can’t think Christian and work from anywhere company and not.