I have a potential $50,000 a month customer


Before working with Christian and the work from anywhere group, I was already attempting to establish my own business in social media marketing. I had done it before for some previous employers. I had done it for a business that I started with myself and my fiance and my mother-in-law that unfortunately failed right out the gate. So I was looking for a way to support myself. Um, this is what I came to. I wasn’t looking for Christian, but I was in a point where I was completely overwhelmed. I needed help, but I was doing it. So I had three trial clients when I got started. It was a daycare, a gym, and a photographer. I didn’t realize at the time to even pick a niche. Um, as sad as that is to say, so I was feeling really lost, really overwhelmed. And when I found the program, I heard Christian talking and I just knew, I said, this guy, he knows what he’s doing, let me get help.

So I was not hesitant at all to sign up. I had even seen some other ads for some other people. They just seemed not as genuine. I guess you could say. Um, but you could just tell that Christian knew what he was talking about. So I signed up, no hesitation. I think I was a member within 10 minutes of seeing one of his video ads. I don’t know. Um, so it wasn’t long after I signed up, I realized that I had made the complete correct decision. Um, I started looking through all the content and I was like, wow. I, some of the stuff I didn’t even know that I needed. So I ate it up as quickly as possible. I was still struggling with those trial clients. They were hard clients, which I didn’t even realize at the time. None of them had any money.

So even had the campaign worked out, I mean, unless I really got them results, they, they weren’t going to be able to pay me anyways. So after going through the content, it occurred to me how I could bring this to an ex employer of mine. Um, this company never would have done Facebook ads, but I was able to present to them, um, with their culture in mind as well. So this is like my biggest win. It’s my second client since starting the course. But my biggest win, um, I contacted my old manager, this company manufacturers, they have headquarters, um, but then they have 50 branches across the nation. So I actually took a proposal to my old manager, um, and presented him with a plan to start with one branch, find the winning ads and then scale it. Told the other branches. This went like wildfire.

Um, within a day the vice president of the company called me. We were on a strategy session. So as of yesterday, I can actually say that, um, I have a potential $50,000 a month customer. Um, it’ll start out a lot slower, but as we grow, that’s best. The plan, I told him I was going to charge $1,000 per branch and we would scale it to all the branches. So grateful to Christian is an absolute understatement for me at this point. Um, huge. The amount of confidence that I’ve gained and everything has just been unreal. Um, the way that I feel different about my business is I feel like it’s going to work. I feel like I don’t have to go to bed at night. Terrified. Am I making the wrong decision? Should I put my resume in somewhere? No, I, I didn’t have to do that.

And I’m so grateful I never would have had these results had I not listened to Christian. Um, I’m really excited about the fact that I can work from home. I am at a point in my life where I’m ready to have a child and I couldn’t do that climbing the corporate ladder. But now I can provide for my family. I can be the breadwinner, I can be the person that is the loving, caring, stay at home wife. I can literally do it all. Um, I’ve always cared about my career, but now that I’m, let’s just say almost 30, uh, I really care about everything else too. And it’s so hard to do it all, but now I can do that. Um, and if you’re on the fence about joining work from anywhere and Christian Martin, I say do it. I mean, honestly, it’s completely up to you what you make of the content, but the information is there. Everything you need to be successful aro are in those modules. Um, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. So if you’re on the fence, I say, hop it. Um, and if you’re a go getter, if you’re going to be lazy, maybe don’t, um, but take it and run with it because Christian gives you absolutely everything you need to succeed.