I highly, highly recommend it


Hi, my name is Priscilla and I am in the real estate industry and I purchase Christian Martin’s program a few months ago now. I did start the program and then I had to stop because a career, not a career change. Um, but some adjustments that were made to my career. But I have gotten the opportunity to go through a lot of his lessons. And after signing up for his program, I realized how well he explains a lot of concepts. And what I like about his program is he breaks things down into bite sized pieces. So he understands that not everyone has hours on end to sit there to watch one video. So what he does is he breaks it down, part one, part two, part three. He gives you tips on how to change your mentality as well. So a lot what a lot of people don’t know about owning your own business is that if you’ve never done it before, you’re going to realize it’s not just about mastering your skills in order to be able to be a successful business owner.

But it has a lot to do with mindset. So what I love about Christian’s program is at the beginning of his program, he actually goes into the whole mindset thing. He prepares you and lets you know if you don’t believe you’re going to get clients and guess what, you’re not going to get clients. So I really love that aspect about Christian Martin’s program, but everything else as well, because of the fact of how he explains things and there is so much support in his face in his Facebook group. It’s awesome. Whenever you have a question, there’s always, everyone else is there to help his moderators, people that work side by side with him, Christian Martin himself, which is, it’s always great to hear from him. So if you are hesitant about purchasing the program, I highly, highly recommend it. Obviously you have to put in the work, you have to take the time to go through the lessons and implement everything. But if you listen to the advice and instructions that he gives you, you can be successful in this business.