I made over $4,000 with that single client


Hey there, my name is Giuliano and I signed up for a WFA not too long ago. And what I enjoyed the most from it was specifically the training on how to sell. And the reason why I say that is because, uh, for me, I’ve been in multiple different positions where I had to sell something. Uh, but in this scenario, um, I was able to use the script and kind of just, um, you know, customize it to myself and what I was offering. And, uh, it helped me to actually close a client, uh, for a onetime consulting fee, uh, instead of a recurring. But, uh, it’s, that’s something that’s recommended in the course is that if someone needs extra consulting, you can close them on that. And that is exactly what I did. Uh, so when I did that, I made over $4,000 with that single client, which means that I made back, uh, you know what, I had paid for the course at least two or three times over.

So, uh, for me and for anyone that is looking to, uh, to sign up for WFA, I highly recommend it. Um, uh, Christian covers a lot of different things in there when it comes to selling, when it comes to, uh, your mindset when it comes to being productive. Um, but then also the actual specifics of how to actually do the work and how to generate leads for yourself and how to sell it, um, and then how to deliver. So, uh, for anyone that’s on the fence, I would tell them, get off. Just do it. Uh, you know, the only time you’re going to get results is when you take action. And so, uh, if you’re on the fence, get off the fence, take action, sign up for WFA.