I made the best investment ever


Hi there. So I, this is my video submission or the WFA accelerator program. Before working with cushion, I was a unemployed single mom. I’m still on my leave and trying to do everything I can to not have to put my son in daycare and returned to long hours in the office. Um, the main reason I was hesitant to sign up at first is because that’s a lot of money, right? Um, there’s the most I’ve ever invested in myself and um, I’ve seen so many online gurus preach about how their court is the best and I did not, I wasn’t unsure if the value was going to match the price. However, after watching the webinar I realized that this was a genuine program that is set up for the success of others and um, I actually slept on it and then my mind just kept going back to the program and I cited, you know what, I’m going to do it and I’m not going to know if this will be successful unless I take that leap of faith.

So I actually, the next day signed up and I was nervous and after I realized after I signed up, I realized that I made the best investment, um, ever. Um, the whole program is beyond organize it. You can tell it. Christian spent a lot of time thinking about the user journey through the process of learning this program and learning how to, um, to set up, get through set up for this type of um, business. Um, he really over-delivered, um, everything worksheet and he actually, he and his team interact with everybody in the private community. And I think that’s one thing that a lot of these online courses miss it miss is the human interaction aspect. Um, a lot of these online courses I’ve seen, um, rely on group members to help me shut it out. And in this case is that not even it, Christian and his team actually read every comment and, um, answered everyone’s questions and provide feedback or anyone that needs it as well as constantly updating the program based on our own feedback.

Um, I see. So they kind of results I’ve been getting are within almost two months. Right. So six weeks for four to five weeks. So, um, I actually got two clients for this program. Um, and I was pretty surprised again that it really, um, blew my mind and that’s more proof that this program works. Um, the way in which I feel the most different about my business or lie now relative to before is I’m, I’ve always been confident, but it should really all inspiring to realize that I did this, I am doing this and I am successful because I made the choice to invest in myself and I am so glad that this was the first and only program I ever purchase. And I struck gold on the first try. Um, and I am excited to see this business grow. I’m excited to see all the other students that are in this group grow their businesses.

And um, the only thing I have to say is if you’re on the fence about working with Christian or WFA, I would say don’t be, you are in great hands to community is great. Um, I’m in there and Christian and his team really values everyone and really wants to see you to see. He, this is their family. This is their baby, right? They’re not creating a product and then trying to sell you another product. They are sitting there holding our hands and holding us accountable, and I say, I’ll see you on the inside as Christian. And I say, bye.