I think my total for the month was $35,000 and I’ve made almost $250K up to this point


Hey, how’s it going? My name’s Evan. And, um, you know, I just wanted to kinda jump on here and talk about my experience with WFA. Um, basically I, uh, I joined the group because I was working for someone else at the time and I was making really good money, but I just, I wanted the freedom to not be stuck at an office all the time and have to deal with traffic and commute and just, I was getting really tired of it, you know. Um, and at the time I just decided, you know, the money’s not worth it to me. So I, uh, I signed up for WFA. Um, now I kind of thought, okay, you know, this looks interesting. Um, I, you know, I wanted to be, you know, my own business kind of, that was my focus. You know, I just, I didn’t know what exactly what I wanted to do.

Um, but you know, the marketing game seemed to make a lot of sense for me because I’ve done sales for a long time. Um, and I was in the solar industry working for somebody and you know, our, my, my main role was, uh, handling some of the sales, uh, sales training, um, handling a lot of the operational stuff as far as the installations are concerned. Um, and I was working directly with the marketing manager at that company, uh, to help come up with some new ideas as far as, uh, how to get our name out. Um, so I figured, Hey, I can do that forever other people and this seems like a great place to start to do that. Um, so that’s what I did. So I joined the program. Um, in the first month I gained my first trial client, which went terribly. I, you know, we never even got to the point of running ads or anything.

Um, later that month I got a second trial client and you know, the results were decent, you know, not great, but decent, you know, he was happy with it because obviously he wasn’t paying me anything at the time. So, uh, but we did continue to improve those results, um, over that month. And then over the second month, he, he started paying me because we got it down to a point where he was making good money. He’s like, look, man, you know, you’re doing a great job for me and, you know, started paying me something at least. Um, but, uh, since then I’ve, I’ve been able to, you know, I think I’ve been with the program for over a year, maybe a year and six months. I’m not exactly sure when, when I joined, um, time kind of just been flying since I’ve joined. But, um, you know, I was able to get to the point where I had enough clients to, um, live comfortably and I quit my job after about six months with the program and I never looked back truthfully because I didn’t like it.

Didn’t like working for somebody. I like working for myself. So that’s, that’s the main reason that I, uh, um, got into the program was to just make something for myself so I could manage my own time and enjoy my life and, you know, kind of do the things that I want to do. Um, so, you know, moving forward, you know, I started focusing on the solar niche and I, uh, you know, since I knew it so well, you know, I figured, Hey, why not? That makes the most sense. Um, so I started targeting, you know, people in Facebook groups, LinkedIn mostly. Um, and then just people in my network. You know, I’ve, I’ve been in the industry for a really long time, so I had quite a few contacts and um, spoke to a bunch of different people from the actual industry and that’s where most of my referrals come from.

You know, so, and honestly that’s where most of my business comes from. Um, I do get some of it from Facebook, but I would say a majority of it is, uh, through LinkedIn and through referrals. Um, right now I’m servicing 17 clients, um, and they’re all about $2,500 a month. Some are $1,500, cause they’re different niches. Uh, so I reduced the price just because I wanted to get into the niche and wanting to learn that niche. So I charged them less just so I could get the deal. Um, but we’re right now I’m servicing, like I said, 17 clients. Um, this February I actually hit $25,000 just in my Stripe account. I think my total for the month was 35,000 and I’ve made almost 250 K up to this point. And so looking like this year is going to be well over that. So I’m super excited, super happy that I found this program.

And, um, you know, at first I was, uh, kind of going through the program slowly and just, you know, spending a couple hours a day at the most, you know, like, like Christian says, he, you know, take the 20 mile March, you know, don’t do a hundred miles in a day, do 20 miles a day, you know, it’s better to have, you know, 20 miles for seven days, then a hundred miles for one day and you’re burned out. Um, I wish I read that first cause when I first started I was just like jamming it on the weekends and just, you know, go in eight hours and just like, yeah, I just kind of burned out a little bit. You know, it took a week off. Um, and then that’s when I got to that video and started trying to make changes to, to, to move to that point. And, um, it’s a good thing I did because I was able to really get my focus back.

Um, you know, I started making a good regimen every morning, wake up at six 30 and you know, workout or do some yoga or something, uh, eat a good breakfast, you know, hang out with my dogs, play with my dogs outside, you know, give them some exercise and then sit down at the computer by about nine, 10 o’clock on average. Um, and then I’d usually work until about eight or nine o’clock. And you know, that, that’s after I quit my job, obviously, but you know, and then, you know, after that I’d spend time with, with the girlfriend and you know, we’d go hang out, go get some dinner, watch a movie, you know, whatever we’d do, you know. So I try to have a good balance and I think I’ve been able to achieve that with this, you know, and, and obviously if I don’t want to work in the middle of the day, I can take and do that.

And you know, there’s been a lot of days where I like to take the dogs out to the dog park. Um, and so I’ll just put everything on pause. If I don’t have any meetings or anything that day, I’ll just put everything on pause and go take the dogs to the dog park, hang out for a couple of hours, come back, keep working. And, um, you know, I very thankful for this program, so hopefully that’ll help. Uh, anyone who’s watching this, and you know, if you’re on the fence about it, it’s definitely worth it. So that’s my 2 cents. Guys. Take care.