I’m doing this full time now, quit my job!


Hey guys, uh, Evan here. I just want to talk a little bit about the Christian Martin program. Um, I was definitely hesitant about signing up for the program since it was pretty darn expensive, but I did my research. I reached out to a ton of different people in the class and just kind of talked to them and got their opinions about it. And after talking to a bunch of different people in the class, I decided to move forward with it. I’m definitely glad I did. Uh, the community’s here to help you and you can always ask questions on the Facebook group and you know, someone will jump in and answer the question, you know, whether it’s one of the students or Christian or any of the other people that are affiliated with it, like Jamil and, um, you know, they always have an answer to your question, which is great.

Um, the videos themselves are excellent. They definitely cover the material really well and present it in a easy to understand fashion, which is, which is great, especially if you’re a complete beginner. Um, the hardest part I would say was, was getting that first paying client. Um, but once I did at it became really easy to get more clients because I had great results to show them. And, um, that’s all thanks to this program. So, uh, since I’ve joined this program, I’ve done over 150 strategy sessions, which is essentially just jumping on a call and presenting the sales script that Christian provides. And I’ve closed quite a few deals out of that. Um, you know, some of them went great, some of them not so great, but you know, it’s all a learning process and the more you do, the, the easier it gets. And I’ll tell you right now, it’s, I’ve, I’m doing this full time now. Um, quit my job. Don’t, you know, working on this exclusively. So it’s totally possible. And, you know, hope this guy helps you guys take care.