I’m excited for the future because this is a great opportunity


Hi, my name is Kristy and I just started the work from anywhere program. I’m very end of June. And, um, the reason I was interested in this program, um, I am a stay at home mom. I’ve been [inaudible] stay home mom for nine years. I have four kids and I, I still have two small kids at home and I wanted to be able to find a job that I would love and be able to work from home. Cause I love being a stay at home mom too. And also if I want to travel with my family too, um, I can still do that as well. Um, so, and I just wanted to get back into the work force some ways to just start putting my foot in the door. And so I felt like this was an amazing opportunity to be able to do it and something that I was interested in, which is I’m very creative person.

I love doing like, so, and I’m very interested in like the marketing aspect of it at all. Um, the reason I was hesitant to sign up because like I said, I haven’t worked in nine years. Um, I’ve just done little audit jobs here and there, but, and I’m not very computer savvy. So I thought that this was for people that are very techie and, um, I was filling more after watching the, um, the information on this program and it gave me the confidence to take that step. And I’m really glad I did because, um, after I signed up, I realized that there, like the courses are so easy and they talk to you like aren’t on the level that you are, which very, very beginner level. And the nice thing is too, you can go back and replay the videos if you don’t understand it.

And they have the Facebook group, which offers lots of support where people help ask questions, um, answer questions. And so I felt like I wasn’t going to be left in the dark. And I love that and it’s just easy to, to get through. And Christian makes it. Yeah, just simplifies it so much. Um, right now I’m so going through the [inaudible] program. I’m just, I’m getting through a little bit at a time, well as much as I can, but I, my small win is I do have a trial client, um, in this trial client, she’s interested in me doing her Facebook ads, also helping get going. Her Facebook page is swell. So, and then I live in a, in an East coast and kind of a more rural area in Connecticut. So there’s a lot of small businesses that are advertising via newspaper ads. So I feel like I have a huge opportunity and potential because they’re a little bit behind the times, um, to be able to reach out and help these small businesses and or advertising where it really needs to be and feel to bring in more clients and more revenue forums.

So, um, I’m excited for the future because this is a great opportunity, um, for me to be able to learn and to be considered, to be able to say that I like understand like I’m tech savvy and so I’m really excited about that part and to be able to [inaudible] to start my own business and be my own boss and work from wherever I want in my pajamas, taking care of my kids. Like it’s, I’m so excited about that. And um, choose who I get to be clients with. I know I’m going to have like some iffy people, but it all worked out. Um, if you’re on the fence about working with Christian, I would say just take the plunge. It’s worth it. Her gram is very simplified, very easy. And um, well, I mean, you have to do the work, but there’s so much support and Christian does a great job in explaining the program and taking a step by step and you can go back and replay and rewatch and it’s, it’s great. So definitely take the plunge and do it. It’s worth it.