I’m excited for the future…


Hey, good morning everybody. My name is Fernando and today I wanted to do a little review on the work from anywhere accelerator before I started working with Christian and the work for them. We’re in, we’re accelerated team. I was doing that e-commerce type of marketing. I was taking plenty of courses back in the past to help me out with this. Um, unfortunately before I started working with Christian and I was taking courses that were really supportive, but there was really no members within the group who were achieving in the rules or making it difficult for me to reach out to them in order to seek any guidance to reflect the information from the courses in the past or the teachers in the past, which were really dense and I don’t really feel like I was getting my investments work. Um, I remember being on YouTube one day and coming across, uh, Christians that are Tasman for the work for a new accelerator.

First I was blown off by a blown away, sorry, by the model that that was presented that was exciting at that. It was, it was amazing. Sun is suitable to me. Some of the something I was looking for sounded just right by the perfect fit and after, you know, the attending the webinar and kind of looking into more doing my research at that, it was amazing. That was perfect. I thought it was perfect and everything from the earning potential to just the model of the South was really attractive to me and that’s why I decided to continue going with this. The reason I was hesitant to sign up, um, unfortunately was because I knew it was that it was an investment and I don’t, it was challenging me for challenging for me to, to come up with the investment in order to join the program.

But the reason that I stuck with it and something I’m forever grateful for is because the WFA 18 did anything that they could to make sure that I joined the program. They really [inaudible] with me and that’s what separated them from anybody else’s. They made sure that they work with me because they knew that I want to be a part of the program. They knew that I wanted to join and they did. What they could to make sure that I could join. They helped me out in that way. And for that I’m forever grateful after I signed up, but I realized is two things. One that I was in for some serious training, which I was excited about too. I knew that there was some amazing preparation to be done. Um, but then first of all was an amazing results that I got out of it was the preparation itself because in the course we go through this and intensive mindset training, which is crucial, which is crucial, crucial, crucial.

I think that’s where, um, has, has impacted my life, um, the most since joining because the mindset that is, is still the me habits that it caused me to practice has just developed me and shaped me and molded me to a different person. It’s made me, um, somebody who’s designed for success now and I, and I implement this every single day and I persevere and I’m sticking to the program is because of just the mindset alone. And now with that being said, you have all this intensive training on online marketing itself. So on the 200 combination, I mean you become an unstoppable force. Um, right now I’m working with a trial client. I’ve talked to plenty, plenty multiple trial clients, multiple drug plants already, but the one that I’m working with now I’m excited to work with because I’m still fairly new to the program and, um, this is a simple campaign for me that I go run.

Um, once I get it up and I get it up and running and it’s functioning properly, requires a very, very, very little maintenance on my part. But it’s allow me to have another two day, $100 to the $800 of additional income, additional revenue with very little maintenance. And to me that’s exciting considering them, it’s probably my first trial client, but also what it’s doing. It’s given me the confidence to go out and seek additional clients. Having the confidence and proving to myself that I can do it. This gives me the confidence so that I can seek out higher ticket clients. So I’m excited to see the earning potential and it comes at to see the QuickBooks online. And then, um, I’m excited for the future because, because I felt like now I can do this. I feel like I, I have, um, unlimited potential and full, like the world that’s just opened up for me because of this. It’s really opened my eyes in a different way. Um, lastly, I just want to say a few things. If you’re on the fence about working with Christian, just do it anyways. The fact that you’re on the fence in the first place to split the tropics, want it, go for it. You got everything to gain, nothing to lose.