It paid for itself – fast


Hey guys, um, just want to share a little bit about the work from anywhere program. I was a little bit hesitant. Well, okay. I was a lot hesitant at first when I first started doing this or thought about doing it. And quite honestly, it’s because everything that I’ve ever tried has always over promised and under delivered. And quite honestly, I’ve been doing this for about two weeks now. And really I work full time. I go to college as well. Yes. And, uh, I do freelancing on the side, uh, coding, things like that. But, um, after about two weeks of BNN, I just a few days ago told a friend what I was doing, um, how well it works and things of that nature, what I was seeing in the Facebook group. Um, and then I told him, he told a friend who told a friend. And then next thing you know, I’ve got a trial client. Um, and, and once you join, you’re going to find that trial client is your way of breaking into it. Um, but as soon as this trial is over, uh, the, the client has already agreed to, to, uh, a thousand to 1500 a month. So I don’t know about you. I pretty much pays for it self, uh, pretty much pretty fast, right? So forgive my stumbling. But at the end of the day, I have, I have not had that. Um, I have done things and yes, I have been successful, but doing this program has pointed me in the right direction with focus. And that’s important. So if that’s what you’re looking for, if you’re looking at support from the group, if you’re looking from support from those who run it, if you are looking for a proven pathway to get you there, what are you waiting on? I don’t know what else to tell you. I can’t wait for, for what happens next. Y’all take care and good luck.