I’ve got my first two meetings next week


Hi everybody and I’ve just had to leave a quick review for Christian. So before I started working on the, uh, the work from anywhere program, I was really looking for an opportunity to be able to work abroad while certain in a significant income every month. Um, and whether I’ve been searching on things, it just kind of happened and it came up on Facebook. Um, I was a bit skeptical to begin where to be honest, you never know what these things when you signed up, when you sign up randomly on the internet and actually the course has been fantastic. It’s in a lot of depth. Um, there’s always help available, um, feedback in real time. There’s lots of documentation so you really can run with the course and however long you want to and just start engaging with clients. Um, I’ve done it fairly quickly, haven’t actually secured any clients just yet, but I will be going out with at 1500 pound a month fee.

Um, plus outspend us as advised. I’ve got my first two meetings next week. Um, I’m obviously, because I’m new, I’m still in sort of the practice phase, so we’ll be doing that probably for, for free for the first four weeks. But then having, having those clients on a retainer, um, to be able to build them on a monthly basis, super excited. Um, the course has been fantastic. Better than I ever would have expected actually. Um, highly recommend it and you know, if you really are looking for that opportunity to get out of your box, done a nine to five job and do something really different that enables you to travel and have that additional income, then I would really suggest going for it.