I’ve worked with 5 clients at this point


Hey, this is Marla Mosse from aging river media. Christian asked me to make a quick video to tell you about some of the results I’ve been getting in the work from anywhere program. And um, I’ll just let you know real quick. I’ve worked with, uh, five clients at this point. I charged $1,500 per month and that’s an ongoing retainer fee to do their digital marketing on an ongoing basis. I’ve also been able to charge, uh, for hour long consultations, which is, um, not something that the program really teaches, but just there’s so much knowledge packed into the course that it’s really easy to take it in a lot of different directions. So I’ve been able to charge $175 an hour, $175 an hour for the knowledge, basically that Christian offers in the course, which is pretty awesome. Um, overall I’ve earned, uh, just under $7,000 from my work in the program, which of course means I’ve gotten my investment back several times over.

Um, I’ve, uh, see specific amounts in terms of I had a trial client who I charged $500 instead of working for free. You don’t necessarily have to work for free to even get your first client. Um, there’s so much support in the program and it’s, it’s really amazing to be able to go in and ask any questions you have and know that there are marketing experts in the group who will help you with any problem or question you have for as long as you shall live. Um, I feel really happy about the results I’ve gotten with this program. I kind of signed up on a whim and, um, I never thought I’d be able to run a business like this and charge as much as I am and I’m actually leaving, um, to travel full time with my family in a few days. And that’s because of the confidence I’ve gained with the program to support my family as a single parent and be able to travel the world and, you know, go where we want and be in control of my time and, you know, raise my daughter at home. Um, instead of having to put her in, you know, daycare or whatever. Um, that’s pretty much all I have to say. So thanks for listening and hopefully see you in the group.