It’s really a win win


Hi, this is a video testimonial for Christian’s work from anywhere program. It was looking for a program that, uh, seemed reasonable and was easy to do and get results. I been in software sales for the past 20 years and while the money is good, it’s, you know, it’s, every quarter is a different quarter and you have to just bang it out. And you know, I’m not my own boss. I mean I get to work from home, which is nice, but, uh, not from anywhere. So I was really in, uh, looking for something that was gonna help me build residual income. And I was a bit hesitant to sign up at first because I signed up for other programs in the past, which seemed, uh, uh, to be great until you get into the sort of core of the information. But, um, this was a lot different.

Um, I learn that the material was quite interesting and I mean, it helps. I mean, it’s a good skill set to have just in general and it’s very applicable to what I’m doing now. So that was sort of a bonus and the results came pretty quickly. I mean, I was able to get two free clients. Um, then a couple of weeks of, of starting, I’ve been going pretty slow because I am working full time. I have three children, I travel a lot for my existing positions, so I wasn’t certain I was gonna have enough time, but you know, you just kinda slowly go through the material when you, when you can and everything tends to add up. I mean, I feel confident that I’m going to be able to make this work, um, and convert those free clients into paying clients and I’m excited to help others grow their company and for me to start building a longterm business. So it’s really a win win. So I’d say if you’re hesitant to talk about moving forward, don’t be, because you really don’t have anything to lose. The program is really low in cost, the materials, fantastic. It’s easy to fall through. You don’t need additional capital. Lots of these programs, you know, you have to build websites and do all these things. None of that is required. Um, and I think you just need to take the leap and the net will follow. Good luck.