Live the life that I want


So this is a video review of Christian Martins program and I will try and be as brief as I can. So I want to bore you guys. I’m not the best at these things, but I’m going to read the questions off and I’ll give you my responses. So that’s the best way for me to do it anyway. Um, before working with Christian, I was, uh, how were you feeling and what was your situation? You were struggling, uh, what was, what were you struggling with that cause you to seek out the program? I’m not a nine to five guy. I’ve never been a 95 guy. I’ve tried to be a nine to five guy and I’ve gotten fired from jobs, you know, multiple times. Um, I’ve also tried to do the work at home thing, you know, like customer service and that kind of thing. Um, but then you’re just chained to your desk at home instead of being chained your desk at, um, in a cubicle or in a retail store or something like that.

It’s like you’re just trading one slave situation for another. There’s no freedom of movement, you know? There’s no freedom of time. So I knew there had to be something better. Um, I had started a social media marketing company and I was trying to scratch that itch by doing that. But a, I feel like it’s saturated. B, all the people that I know that are doing it are struggling. C, uh, doing everything for everybody. I don’t believe works. And D, um, there was no blueprint. There was no do step one, do step two, do step three, you’ll get a, B and C results. Um, this is the method. It’s true. It’s tried and true. It’s tested. Here it is. Here’s what to say. Here’s how to say it. Um, people just want to, you know, so courses, um, on YouTube and I, you know, you get that feeling that they’re just trying to sell you a course because they’re not actually doing the things, the methods that they’re teaching you.

They’re just selling you a course. And I bought some of those courses and they just don’t work. Um, the main reason I hesitated was because at the time that I was looking to buy, uh, his course Christian Martin’s course, I, I was in a lot of debt still in debt currently. But anyway, um, more than that in a minute, but, uh, I, um, I was broke, completely broke. I had zero money and I actually, full disclosure, I did buy a new, uh, excuse me. I had to apply for a new credit card and I had to wait 10 days to get it and then I had to max it out right away. So I was really nervous about putting myself in even more debt than I already was when on top of the debt, I didn’t have any money in my account. So yeah, I was quite nervous.

Then after buying his program, I realized that, you know, that there was a, there was a method methodology. I could see how it could work. There was a lot of information in this program to digest, but more than more than that, and here’s the key. Um, the other programs that I’ve bought, this is where I feel Christian Martin is different. Christian doesn’t just tell you, go here, do this, do this. Method one, method two, method three. In the beginning he gives you the framework. Why are you doing the course, you know, he gives you accountability, um, tools, you know, I’m connecting in the group. Um, there’s a lot of, uh, me stuff that I needed to work on while I was trying to hit these goals. And he gives you, um, tools to help you manage expectations and track things and mindset stuff that I didn’t see any of that in any of the other courses that I bought.

Um, the kind of results that I’ve gotten currently. I don’t have any trial clients yet or any clients, um, as of yet, although tomorrow I have a, a strategy call, it’s my second strategy call. So wish me luck, but I am on track to, uh, to get clients. Um, so in the next it takes me longer usually than other people. So within the next three months, I believe that I will at least hit the goal making, um, getting at least three clients. Um, so, um, the way in which I feel the most different about my business or life now as opposed to before. Um, I felt lost and I felt like, God, can I really do this? I, there’s no, there’s no blueprint, there’s no nothing and you know, I have nothing to follow. So I, I was, I was basically going to just give up on that idea and try and figure out how I was going to be OK with just working a nine, five job and just being a regular dude who is uninspired and doesn’t live, uh, the life that he wants or deserves.

And that got me really depressed. So this course gives me hope that I have leveraged now that I didn’t have before to live the life that I want, need and deserve. Um, I’m excited for the future because I planned to move abroad and this program will allow me to do that. Uh, among other things, other goals that I want to hit. Um, if, if you’re on the fence about working with Christian, um, remember that, and you shouldn’t have this mindset, but worst case scenario, Christian does have a money back guarantee, uh, for this course. Now that said, um, don’t buy this course if you’re just looking for it to fail because full disclosure, to be completely honest, this is not easy. This isn’t just do X, Y, and Z and you’ll get rich. This is hard, hard work. But it gives you a framework to know what hard work to do.

And it gives you the, the expectation about where you are and where you are going and what you need to do to get there. So there is some heavy lifting in this course that you’re going to need to do, but if you do it, um, eventually you will hit your goal. So these are methods that are working, they’re tried and true. Um, but again, you know, don’t go into it with, Oh, well if I buy it and I don’t like it, I can just get my money back. Yeah, that’s true. But don’t have that mentality because you’re already giving yourself an out the first sign of trouble. And that’s not the mentality to have, but that, that’s what I would say to answer that question. Uh, again, Christopher Millhauser, um, this is my Christian Martin course video review and I hope I did a good job and said all the things that I needed to say. And, um, if anybody has any questions for me, reach out to me on Facebook. Christopher with a K Millhauser thanks a lot.