This is a fail-proof way to start your own marketing consulting agency


Hello. This video is to recommend Christian Martin’s work from anywhere program. Um, it shows you step by step how to become an online marketing consultants. Um, I saw this program on YouTube. I am always YouTube in side hustles and how to quit my nine to five and all these things. So I definitely was targeted for this. But after seeing it for um, a couple of weeks, I decided to check it out. I signed up for the program and then also one on one coaching. Um, so someone could hold me accountable and make sure I actually go through the program. Um, and it’s been six weeks so far. I have two trial clients, um, one restaurant, one a dentist’s office. So we’ll see which one works best for me. Um, I’m super excited about this whole thing and it was definitely a really good investment. I’ve done other courses about copywriting and things like that, but this course, I really like how it’s laid out. Um, it shows you the first steps you should take through the last subs and lays out in a very nice way to where you actually can believe that you can do it. So I’m super happy. I’m in this group and also the Facebook group. Um, it gives you awesome support. So basically this is a fail-proof way to start your own marketing consulting agency. So thanks Christian.