Never stop learning


Hey, so, uh, I have a lot of good things to say about the work from anywhere. It’s already there. But the main thing is, uh, I’ve done Facebook ads for agencies in the past as a contributor. Uh, but in transitioning into establishing myself as a freelancer and ultimately my own agency, um, after going through the work from anywhere, so I read the material, I was seeing that there were these core components of really refining and finding a niche, how to communicate to them and really understanding their problems and really the simplicity that you need to introduce to your business to actually scale and have the lifestyle you want. Um, so many past experiences with independent consulting, um, on defined projects, all different kinds of niches, all different kinds of contracts. I think Christian really walks you through step by step, how to not just do Facebook ads because that’s already a valuable skill ended up itself, but do it and execute it in such a way that it gives you that work, that actual work from anywhere possibility. And so I am very optimistic and in the early days, but I feel very optimistic about everything that I’m learning. And I really encourage you to sign up for the material and for the community. Uh, you need accountability for momentum and you need advice sounding board, and really sometimes just emotional support and the material gives you the know how the, how to and the community gives you that accountability and that momentum. So never stop learning and I really encourage you to join us here. All right.