It’s incredibly concise and to the point


Hi, my name is Nina and I wanted to share my experience with the WFA program and working with Christian and uh, Ali, I have to say is that the program is, um, spot on as I imagined it would be. Um, just overall, really solid, a lot of great content. Um, and I just an amazing amount of resources, uh, the Facebook group alone. Um, as a single mom, I have to say that, yeah, working, being able to work with a program like this is everything because it’s completely self paced. I worried a lot about the modules and um, getting through the program and uh, being able to, uh, actually complete it, but it’s incredibly, uh, concise and to the point and you don’t need several hours a day to dedicate to it. Even just taking, you know, 20, 40 minute increments out of your day to, uh, do the program is it’s life changing.

Um, I have a different mindset now. Um, and if anything, I would say what I’ve learned the most about something like this, if you’re thinking about doing it, it is 90% mindset. It’s, um, you’ve got to get past your blacks. Um, your misconceptions. I know one of mine was that, you know, it’s a really saturated market. And then once I started to do the program and I saw all the activity from the Facebook group and the support from his team and what others were doing because everybody learns different things along the way and everybody is incredibly willing to share their tips and tricks and their resources. Um, it just, it, it, it really just gives you that aha moment. Like, okay, now I get it. Um, I didn’t get it before, but yeah, it’s a, it’s a really solid prep program. It is, um, very doable. Um, the challenging part is the mindset part. I will say 100%, but I’ve grown a lot, um, doing and doing this program and I’m really glad I did it. If you’re on the fence side, I would say if you’re sensing that it’s a solid program, you’re right. And I took a risk. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be, um, but it definitely is.