The best way to get started is to just start


Hey everybody, this is Rhett. I’m doing a review for the work from anywhere accelerator. I thought it was a great program. Christian was super helpful in breaking everything down into a step by step approach so that way you can go from zero to making ads in a really short period of time. I’ve got, uh, three trial clients so far. One was a college admissions course, the second one was a limousine. And then the third one was, um, another friend that I had helped out with his business, um, has been great. Uh, they’re all trial clients so I haven’t charged any money for them yet. The limousine has actually turned into a full time client and next month I should start charging $700 a month to run ad campaigns for him. They were pretty straight forward. They were mostly seasonal around Christmas. They have a lot of like a holiday light tours that they wanted to get the message out, uh, for those. So excited to start growing my business as, um, as a certs and excited to keep going. Good luck to everybody that takes a course if you’re nervous about it. Um, I’d say, uh, don’t be just jump in. The best way to get started is to just start. At first I was apprehensive about it cause I was like, ah, I dunno, you know, how to start or what to do. But Christian does a great job of just breaking it all down into a step by step process. Thanks luck everybody.