The program is extremely detailed


Hi, my name’s Keyonna and before I joined Christian’s work from anywhere program, I had just graduated from college while I was in college. I really just wanted to get to a city to where I knew I could be able to pursue my dreams and just work part time. But while I was doing the part time and going to school, I realized that that wasn’t the life for me. So I needed to get into my field to make some type of income so that I can fund my dreams. And going after interview after interview, it got a little daunting gummies. So I was like, I need to make money online so I can be able to move to wherever I want to so I don’t have to depend on staying in one place. And Christian’s YouTube ad popped up and I was really interested. I was a little bit hesitant at first because of the price, but seeing how he did the PayPal’s situation to where the first six months you can get your first client to pay back.

That in total, which is what really was making me on the edge. And it pushed me over the edge when I figured that out. So all right, now I spent on the path of trying to at least find a part time internship or job in digital marketing, social media, and social media marketing in general. But I’ve also been doing the programs, so I have two more weeks left. And so I’m yet, but the program is extremely detailed. It’s going to give me everything that I need to know. And once reading that, he said that after I did all six modules that you should be able to make $10,000 a month with just, that alone is really going to be pushing me for it. So I’m excited about that. I love seeing people’s testimonials and the work that they’ve completed, cause it gives me faith and hope that I know I can get the same results. So thank you.